Abby Wambach Speaks at Barnard

I've decided it's time to start blogging again on a regular basis because there's just so much to blog about. As many of you know, the band has created our own nonprofit called Girls Rising. You can find out more information about it by going to our website:

In the meantime, I am going to continually post information on the work we are doing on a regular basis. I am also going to share information that I find interesting or snippets of intel that people send me because they know about the work we are doing with Girls Rising.

My friend Amy forwarded this video to me. It's the graduation speech Abby Wambach gave to the graduating women of Barnard this year. Abby is a former member of the United States Soccer Team. Some of you actually don't know that. But we all know who Peyton Manning is. And Kobe Bryant. I'm going to leave it at that. Just watch the video.


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