Minerva Audio & The Babysitter


Part 1 of our BeachFest 5 Sponsor Blogs


Our best and favorite baby sitter lives 3 doors down from us. She is also my daughter Kate's flute teacher. She's a junior in high school and the type of kid you want your kid to grow up to be. She wants to go to school down south, but I am trying to talk her into going to Bucknell. I told her I would write her a recommendation, like I have any yank in that area (I don't). But still. She feels like a Bucknell kid to me.

Our favorite baby sitter has a dad who is probably around my age...or even younger, cause that happens a lot these days too. He owns an audio company. Do you see where this is going? The best connections throughout my entire career were through people I either went to school with, or my manager went to school with, or because we got to talking on the playground, or because their kid babysits my kids. It's the best way to do business.

So Chris' company does all our audio when we are in the area. We usually ask HUGE favors and he ALWAYS SAYS YES.

A sample conversation:

Us: "Chris, can you do this?"
Chris: "Yes."
Us: "How about this?"
Chris: "Sure, we'll add it."
Us: "How about the night before. We need an entire sound system for that too."
Chris: "Yep, we'll do it."
Us: "And lights and a screen and a projector and someone to run it?"
Chris: "Not a problem."
Me: "And I need Gabi to babysit the kids while all this is happening."
Chris: "I'll send her over."

Minerva Audio has been with Girls Rising since the very first BeachFest back in 19...I mean 2013. We love Chris and the whole crew that comes for the ride every year. Be sure to say hi to them Friday night at the Game Changer Awards and Saturday on the beach!