The Top Ten Moments of the Olivia Caribbean Equality and Leadership Cruise -- Part 2!

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#5 Suzanne Westenhoefer and Judy Gold.
The last time we hung out with a comedian, it was Lisa Lampanelli. She called us a dyke band right
Suzanne & Judy
into the mic to a full house at Caroline's Comedy Club in New York City ("Let's hear it for the dyke band," were her exact words).

At the time, we didn't really "identify" as a dyke band. I mean...I do chuckle as I type that. We certainly knew we were a band with a few dykes in it. We just didn't realize dyke band was a genre of music until the soft spoken Lisa Lamapanelli pointed it out to us in front of a live studio audience.

We were young. Clearly. Maybe a little naive. And a lotta sensitive. NO DOUBT.

Our bass player at the time dove under the front row of tables, and Dena fell backward in her drum throne.

And so, conicidentally or not, we never double billed with comedians after that.

Boy, am I glad we lifted the ban on spending time with comedians!

Antigone Rising & Suzanne Westenhoefer
We had SO MUCH FUN hanging out with Suzanne Westenhoefer and Judy Gold. Our band basically stalked them around the ship. They each did two shows on their respective nights. We went to both shows, both nights. We would watch their group in the main dining room every single night and wonder what it was like to sit at their table. And on a few nights, we actually hung out with them in the sports bar and had drinks, so we felt complete. And while they were both hilariously funny, neither one of them ever referred to us as a dyke band. At least not into a microphone. Amazing what happens when you're out and actually comfortable in your own skin...and not hanging around Lisa Lampanelli.
Antigone Rising, Judy Gold & Dena's nose

For the record, Dena + Judy Gold = Things flying out of Dena's nose 100% guaranteed.

#4 Elyse Keaton.
So. Elyse Keaton was on the boat. And everyone struggled not to stare at her. It's impossible to quantitatively measure the amount of time I spent gazing at Meredith Baxter on my television screen. So it's super weird to have her floating around the lido deck, especially when you're drinking frozen rum cocktails with umbrellas in them.

I loved Family (I really believed I was Buddy). And I loved Family Ties (obv, who didn't).

There is one thing more weird than having Meredith Baxter walk past you on the Lido Deck while you sip frozen rum cocktails.  It's when Meredith Baxter sits next to you in the Vista Lounge to watch the afternoon viewing of 'Edie & Thea,' the documentary that basically led to the death of DOMA.

And the weirdest thing of all is when you cry with Meredith Baxter while watching the movie, and she offers you a tissue.

That happened. To me. A coupla weeks ago. On the cruise. Whoa. That was weird.

Hangin' in the Vista Lounge with the incomparable Meredith Baxter. Most Amazing Photo
Bomb Ever Award goes to Judy Gold...

This entry was longer than intended. Which means we will need a PART 3 for me to finish up The Top Ten Moments of the Olivia Caribbean Equality and Leadership Cruise! So, until next week....


 5% proceeds after goal go to GLAAD
5% proceeds after goal go to GLAAD!

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