Day 1.

Today is Day 1.

You know. The day you start exercising again. Or eating better. Or not drinking. Or not smoking. Or cleaning your house. Or not yelling at your kids. I don't yell at my kids. But you probably do.

So. Here I am. On top of my favorite day.

DAY 1.


I'm even typing this blog in my stinky work out clothes.

I actually got short of breath climbing the stairs to the gym.

And my brain talked to me the entire time during my spin class. It said things like:

"It's way easier to drink a delicious Guiness beer than it is to climb onto this bike..."
"I'm going to ride 30 rides in 30 days."
"No. I'm going to ride 90 rides in 90 days."
"I'll be in Altanta from May 8-12. I wonder where I can find a stationary bike while I'm in Atlanta."
"God, my legs hurts. When is this class over."

Day 1. I hate you. I love you. I'm hungry.

Salad or hamburger.

Ugh. Two Day 1's in ONE  day.


ps- Join Antigone Rising tomorrow night at The Training Station in Glen Cove, NY for our very first AR-Spin-A-Thon. The spin instructors from the gym have put together an amazing class for fans and friends of Antigone Rising, while we raise funds for our new EP - Whiskey & Wine Volume 1. To reserve a bike, head over to our Pledge Music page or email us and we will reserve a bike for you (pay at the door). See you tomorrrow night, on DAY TWO.

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