Make Better Choices Part 2

The right brain rainbow is factually correct

That's me on the right. Ironically.
It occurred to me while reading over some of my past blogs that I should post a disclaimer. Anything I write on this blog is based on a true story. In other words, usually, factually, within reason. But none of it is science.

I'm more of a right brain gal, as anyone who knows me can attest. In fact, I may not even have a left brain. The fact that I do have motion on my right side is the only proof it exists. Apparently the left brain controls all that. So, I guess, factually, I do have a left brain.

I posted a blog a while back called Make Better Choices. In it, I refer to an aunt who told us to make better choices. And I say she is one of my least favorite aunts. For the record, I don't have a least favorite aunt. I genuinely do not. They're all my favorite aunt, tied for first. I have no idea which aunt I am referring to in that blog. It's actually a little upsetting and definitely one of my more egregious stretches of reality.
I like periods after every word to drive
a point home. #NotFactuallyAccurate
Kristen has a #RightBrain

I am going to assume it was someone who was Aunt-like to me. Even though I still can't place who it was. And on a positive note, I do believe the message to Make Better Choices is a worthy one, conveyed with a genuine desire to help others, and still right brain valid.

Just the part about the aunt saying it to me is alluding me four years after writing it.

Here's the thing. Reading my blog is optional. If you choose to do it, you should understand that I am not afraid to sacrifice a few facts to drive the point of the story home.

It's. Up. To. You. If you still want to hang with...

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