My Baker's Dozen Christmas Song List!

#1Whitney House - Do You Hear What I Hear
I believe in my heart that Whitney Houston was kissed by God, and her version of Do You Hear What I Hear is proof of it. My very favorite all time Christmas song due to Whitney's version. Any time. Anywhere. Volume on 11.

#2 - Andy Williams - Happy Holidays/The Holiday Season
This just reminds me of being a kid at my Grandparents for the holiday. If this song doesn't get you in the Christmas spirit, you need to get yourself some meds.

#3 - Bette Midler - From a Distance (Christmas version!)
My very good friend, Julie Gold, won a song of the year grammy for writing this. The world is a better place because this song exists. And I just think the heavens beamed a light right through Julie as she came up with the lyric 'God is watching us, From a Distance.' I can't even type it without getting teary eyed.

The rest fall in no particular order, though this order is pretty accurate if you really wanted me to list an order:

Stevie Nicks - Silent Night
The only version. Listen and go to Stevie church with me.

Band Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas 
Every. single. time. Openly. Weeping.
Bono's 'tonight thank god it's them instead of you.'
Can't get through it dry eyed. Can. Not.

Mariah Carey - All I Want for Christmas is You
Say what you will about Mariah. The lady can SING. And she sings the dickens outta this. If this doesn't make you shake your toosh, I suggest you crank Andy Williams 'Happy Holidays' on your way to get your scripts filled...

Dan Fogelberg - Same Old Lang Syne
I have never met anyone who doesn't love this song. If you are the first, you know what I am going to say. Medicate yourself.

Frosty the Snowman - Ella Fitgerald & Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Etta James.
Vitamins. Minerals. Ella. Etta. Take yourself to school.

Mary J. Blige & Jesse J. - Do You Hear What I Hear 
Whitney made this my very favorite Christmas song and I never thought I'd hear another version remotely worthy, until Mary J. & Jesse J. This sh** is HOT! Amazing duo.

Amy Grant - Breath of Heaven (Mary's Song)
I love this entire Christmas album. Amy is like the Jennifer Aniston of music. I think something might be wrong with you if you don't like her. And this song gets me every time I hear beat out her version of 'Grown Up Christmas List' by a smidge.

Johnny Cash - The Little Drummer Boy
I don't need to explain this, do I? If I do, you're on the wrong blog.

Faith Hill - Where Are You Christmas 
This isn't an excuse, 2005, I was sharing a house with Sibby. Sibby is a BIG Christmas decorator. I was sitting in our living room lit by blinking Christmas lights and whatever CVS offered by way of decorations when Faith Hill's 'Where are you Christmas' came on 106.7, Lite FM (the light at the end of your dial). For some reason, I was flooded with memories of my grandmothers. So. That's why.

Train - Joy to the World.
I try hard to not like Train. But, without fail, they always run me down like a freight....Train. They have the best pop sensibility. So I give in. I love Train. And their version of Joy to the World makes me so so happy. Yay Train.


Disclaimer: Not all of my bakers dozen appear on spotify, so I used other versions of the same song...specifically, Stevie Nicks' Silent Night (you know, the one I said there is only one version of?), I substitute Kelly Clarkson and Reba's version. It's palatable enough. And I replaced Band Aid's Do They Know It's Christmas with Glee's version (eegads). Seriously. There was not a better option. Sorry for that one.

Kristen's Xmas Bakers Dozen Playlist!

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